The Beast of KANGAL

The Kangal is a very large breed of dog that is employed to protect livestock against predators such as wolves. Its protective instincts, strength, and courage make it a perfect a guard dog that can be integrated into the family. OTHER NAMES Kangal Karabash Turkish Kangal Dog ORIGIN The breed got its name for the... Continue Reading →

Black by Nature- BOLD and BEAUTIFUL

Nature has made our life so colorful and vibrant. They make us feel lively. But the color white and black mark their own place in terms of beauty. So here we present you some of the most beautiful creations of our mother nature which are made BLACK BY NATURE. Black Bear Black Butterfly Black Broadbill... Continue Reading →

Dogs and the Warfare

Military canines are as important as any other soldier in the warfare. They display many heroic acts that are beyond words. Given below are some of the roles and responsibilities of the dogs in the warfare, along with some of the clicks from the war fields. ROLES AND DUTIES OF A WORKING DOG A) Sentry... Continue Reading →

Pitbulls- “The Nanny Dogs”

Pit bulls is not a breed. It is a generic term used for a breeds of dogs with similar type of traits and characteristics. 5 types of breeds fall under “ The Pit bulls” American Pit-bull Terriers American Staffordshire Terriers Staffordshire Bull Terriers American Bull Dog Bull Terriers American Pit-bull terrier American Stafford-shire Terrier Stafford-shire... Continue Reading →

Pups and Moms…

A puppy needs his mom for up to 8 weeks to properly complete all the key developmental stages that ensure its growth as a stable adult dog that socializes well and has good eating habits. STAGE 1 Staying with moms help the pups Develop good eating habits Teaches to socialize well. Teaches them the basics... Continue Reading →

Dogs and Celebrities….

Dogs are the most favorite pets for everyone. Dog's love doesn't differentiate between rich or poor, ugly or beautiful, commoner or aristocrat or royalty. They have a pristine love for their owner and that bond is unbreakable. Even celebrities are also not untouched by this beautiful feeling and bond their pets. So lets meet some... Continue Reading →

Salute to Photographer- PART 3

Moving to the Part 3 of my blog series of Salute to Photographer- Part 1, Part- 2, I hereby dedicate an another blog to all the talented photographers for capturing these beautiful and colorful moments in their magic box.  Hats off and congratulations to all the wildlife photographers for their work. I may not know... Continue Reading →

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