The Persian Poser- 7 Facts about the Persian Cats

Persian Cats are the most lovable an popular cats in the world. Given below are few facts about this furry friend with some of their irresistibly cute pics.

  • Persian Cats are one of the oldest breeds of cat, but still are one of the most favorite pets. This breed was first discovered in 1500s in Persia and later was brought to Europe, hence ethnicity is still controversial.
  • Persian Cats are furry and aloof, hence need lots of grooming and maintenance.
  • Persian Cats are very lazy and have the ability to stay inactive for long period of time. This earned them the reputation of “Furniture with fur”. Persian Cats are playful but not hyperactive.
  • Persian Cats are Good-mannered by nature. It is a calm and quite breed, hence you don’t need to worry about your cat running around in the house and killing the other things.
  • Persian Kitties are shy and are not very much found noise and disturbances; hence the house with the kids is not an ideal environment for this cat breed.
  • There are two types of Persians cat- Show and Traditional. The show Persians are has a flat nose, small ears and big copper eyes, and a thick, plume-like tail. The traditional Persian is also known as the Doll Face. Both types of Persians have long, glamorous coats of fur.
  • Persians have many different color variations. There are available in more than 80 different fur colors (cream, smoke, blue and black). Solid silver is the most popular choice

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