Dogs and the Warfare

Military canines are as important as any other soldier in the warfare. They display many heroic acts that are beyond words. Given below are some of the roles and responsibilities of the dogs in the warfare, along with some of the clicks from the war fields.


A) Sentry Dogs

These dogs are trained to give warnings on the approach or presence of strangers within the protected area. They are trained to give warning either by growling, alerting or barking. These dogs are generally used for guarding arsenals, ammunition dumps, coastal fortification, defenses, supply pumps, airfields, war plants etc. These dogs are trained to work in the dark, hence earned them the nickname “Guardians of the Night.” Sentry dogs are often trained as attack dogs also.


B) Scout or Patrol Dogs

These dogs have similar duties to Sentry dogs. The scout dogs are trained to detect snipers, ambushes and other enemy forces within a locality. Only dogs with superior intelligence are selected for scout dog training. Scout dogs can detect the presence of the enemy at distances up to 1,000 yards. When a scout dog is alert about the enemy, the dog stiffen its body, raises its hackles, pricks its ears and holds its tail rigid.


C) Mine Dogs

These dogs, also called the “M-Dog” or mine detection dog, are trained to find trip wires, booby traps, metallic and nonmetallic mines.

anti tank

D) Casualty Dogs

Casualty Dogs, like search and rescue dogs, are trained to search for and report casualties lying in difficult places. They are also known as mercy or ambulance dogs or Red Cross dogs as they are trained to locate wounded soldiers and bring back help. Because of their excellent sense of smell and keen hearing, dogs are able to find these wounded soldiers and alert their masters.


E) Explosives Detection

Explosives Detection dogs are trained to alert on the scent of chemicals used in explosives. With their superior sense of smell it is very difficult to package explosives in a way a dog cannot detect.

F) Black Ops

Special and black ops combat dogs are specialized to deflect shrapnel and knives. Outfitted in special assault vests, these dogs run at double the speed of humans and can discover and recognize explosives, search buildings, and provide intelligence via camera link. Special equipment includes “canine tactical assault vests,” and “doggles” (dog goggles) with night vision and infrared capabilities that enable the dogs to “see” through concrete walls and spot human heat forms.



G) Messenger Dogs

Smoky was a Yorkshire terrier was a rescued dog. The dog accompanied her owner, Corporal William Wynne, through 150 air raids, a typhoon and 12 combat missions. She also did the crucial work of running a telegraph wire through an eight-inch wide, 70 foot-long pipe; the entire operation took just minutes.

H) Attack Dogs

Attack dogs are coated in armor with metal spikes are so fierce that they wouldn’t back off even though threatened with a sword. Nowadays, attack dogs are generally trained to hold a particular defensive position. They are used for below discussed

  • Chase down intruders and pin them in place, injure them or even kill them.
  • In dangerous situations, to run after and hold down.

The most common attack dogs are German shepherds and Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler and Dobermans.

Taking a bite out of crime

I) Emotional Support

Because soldiers and dogs spend so much time together, they develop a strong bond with each other that is unbreakable. They not only support their handler in war but also emotionally they are the biggest support.


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