Pups and Moms…

A puppy needs his mom for up to 8 weeks to properly complete all the key developmental stages that ensure its growth as a stable adult dog that socializes well and has good eating habits.


Staying with moms help the pups

  • Develop good eating habits
  • Teaches to socialize well.
  • Teaches them the basics of obedience as well.
  • Mother knows when her puppies need to be weaned.
  • Generally till 2-3 weeks puppies don’t develop eye sight properly, hence are dependent on mothers for mobility.


  • One’s puppy is able to see and move around he begins to recognize his family.
  • From week 3 to 4 the puppies rapidly develops sensory organs.
  • At this stage puppies are very sensitive to changes or any negative incidences. Negative incidence can have a very bad effect on the puppy which can make him an unstable and anxious dog in future.


  • From week 4 till week 7 the pup starts socializing with his brothers and sisters.
  • He starts playing with others
  • His mom teaches him basic manners and to accept her as the leader of the pack.
  • The pups shouldn’t be separated from the mother for more than 10 minutes.

new born 2

Early Separation Effects

Early separation can lead to a pup with following issues.

  • Nervous attitude
  • Excessive barking
  • More likely to bite
  • Difficult to train
  • Won’t socialize well with other dogs or people

How to Lift and Hold a Puppy

new born puppy 1

It is important to lift and hold a puppy properly to avoid scaring him and hurting him.

  1. Slide one hand under his rib cage near his front legs.
  2. Use your other hand to support his butt and back legs.
  3. Lift him slowly up to your chest. Do not let his back legs hang.
  4. Bring him in close to your body so he feels secure and comfortable.
  5. Be very gentle and talk in a soothing voice to make him feel even safer.

Newborn Protection

  • Mother handles her newborns tasks without any human involvement.
  • She’ll clean and feed their young.
  • If any of the puppies face breathing problem or have a problem maintaining a proper body temperature, kindly rush to the vet!

Avoid Careless Handling

You do not ever want your puppy to have a bad handling experience so pay close attention to what the puppy is doing at the time of handling. If the puppy is nursing then leave the pup alone! Touching and holding a puppy requires it to be done correctly, so if you follow some guidelines, the pup will be happy and also will benefit from human interaction.


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