Dogs and Celebrities….

Dogs are the most favorite pets for everyone. Dog’s love doesn’t differentiate between rich or poor, ugly or beautiful, commoner or aristocrat or royalty. They have a pristine love for their owner and that bond is unbreakable. Even celebrities are also not untouched by this beautiful feeling and bond their pets.

So lets meet some of the celebrities with their lovable Pooches.

Vin Diesel with Roman (Cane Corso Italian Mistiff)

Vin Diesel- Roman

Hugh Jackman with Dali (French Bulldog) and Allegra (Poodle Terrier)

Hugh Jackman- Allegra and Dali

Dwayne Johnson with Hobbs (French Bulldog)

Dwayne- Hobbs

Jason Stathom with Dolly and Peggy (Daschund)

Jason- Dolly.jpg

Salman Khan with Myjaan and Myson (French Mastiff); both passed away

Salman- Myson and Myjaan

Ryan Gosling with George (mix breed); passed away

Ryan Gosling- George

Kriti Sanon with Disco (Bichon Frise)

Kriti Sanon- Disco

Anushka Sharma with Dude (Labrador) 

Anushka- Dude

Hilary Duff with Dubois (Bernese mountain Dog)

Hilary Duff- Dubois

Ariana Grande with Coco (Dachshund- GSD mix)

Ariana- Coco

Lady Gaga with Batpig (French Bulldog)

Lady Gaga- BatPig

Miley Cyrus with Emu (Shetland Sheepdog)

Miley Cyrus- Emu

Nikki Reeds with Ira (German Shepherd)

Nikki Reeds- Ira

Jackie Chan with JJ and Jones (Golden Retrievers)

Jackie Chan- JJ and Jones

Jake Gyllenhaal with Atticus (German Shepherd)

Jake Gyllenhaal- Atticus

Ryan Reynold with Baxter (Golden Retriever- Collie Mix)

Ryan Renolds- Baxter

Jeff Dean with Bisou (Rottweiler Mix)

Jeff Dean- Bisou


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