Salute to Photographer- PART 3

Moving to the Part 3 of my blog series of Salute to Photographer- Part 1, Part- 2, I hereby dedicate an another blog to all the talented photographers for capturing these beautiful and colorful moments in their magic box.  Hats off and congratulations to all the wildlife photographers for their work.

I may not know the names of the talented photographers, whose work I am going to showcase, but I do want to thank them for bringing the beauty of the nature to us. If anyone of you knows about the photographers whose work I am displaying, do mention their names in the comments.

Chorus Singers

Chorus Singer

Flaunting the Colors

Flaunting the colors

Flying Romeo

Flying Romeo

This is called “Hold On”

Hold On

Glowing in the sunshine

In the Sunshine

This is “living on the edge”

Living on the Edge

Water Water under my feet, when I am gonna get my treat.

Mirror Mirror under my claw

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

The Swag Pack

Swag Pack

The Fur Ball

The Fur Ball

The Pink Troupe

The Pink Troupe

This is work life balance

This Work Life Balance.jpg

Hanging Out in Hanging Garden

To Hanging Out

Under the Tail

Under the Tail

That One Over Excited Friend

Your one over excited friend

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