Wolverine- The animal

Under the Fur

We all know the X-Men’s Logan … but the character got famous with the name of The Wolverine, the beast, who signified ferocity and strength and long sharp claws attack of which no one can escape. But why did they call him Wolverine. Come lets meet the real animal.

In latin known as Gulo Gulo (means Glutton), are famous with the name of Skunk Bear. It is the largest land dwelling species on earth. They belong to the family of mustelidae.

They look similar to a small bear. They have earned a reputation for their ferocity and strength. They are too strong as compared to their size, that they are capable of hunting his prey many times larger than itself. It weighs only 35 pounds. They are mostly found in North Canada, The US of Alaska, Russia and Siberia. But nowadays they are being considered as endangered species.


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