Salute to Photographer- PART 1

Being a wildlife photographer, is not just about having extraordinary camera tricks. It is about passion, love, patience, calm, courage, dedication, discipline and lure for adventure. It is about embracing the WILD in you.

So I dedicate this blog, to all those photographers who present us some of the most astounding, awestruck and mesmerizing beauty of the nature.

I may not be knowing the names of the talented photographers, whose work I am going to showcase, but I do want to thank them for their work and to connect us with the unseen world of Mother Nature through their amazing clicks.. If anyone of you knows about the photographers whose work I am displaying, do mention their names in the comments.

Today I am showcasing these wild mushrooms.


mush 1mush 2Modified by CombineZPOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmush 5mush 6

mush 7mush 8Gelbmilchender Helmling (Mycena crocata)mush 10mush 11mush 12mush 13mush 14

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