Senior Dogs and Easy Aging

For human’s it is said that like childhood, old age also needs special care and attention, healthy diet and proper workouts and motivation. Same is with the dogs. The dogs are considered as senior dogs when they are 6+ years old.

We, as their owner as their caretaker as their most loved being, can do a lot to make their aging easy and graceful for them.



  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Lower energy levels
  • Relieving themselves indoor
  • Heightened social anxiety

Given below are some of the most important steps which can be taken to make the aging of your dear one, your dog easy and comfortable.

Maintain Their Healthy Diet

  • The diet of the senior dog should be steadily maintained, that they’ve had in all their adult lives.
  • You should feed the pups with quality proteins, so that their kidneys remain healthy in old age.
  • Consult your vet for proper diet plan best suited for your dog breed.


Regular Play Time

  • Your dog may become slow but regular play time will encourage you dog.
  • It will make your dog feel active and energetic and stay alert.
  • In play time, you can take your dog for swimming or slow walks.
  • You can take your dog to dog parks and join any dog lovers group where it can meet other dogs of same age.

Regular Exercise is Important

  • Obese pets tend to have shorter life spans.
  • Obesity in pets can be responsible for heart, lungs, kidneys and liver.
  • Also because of being overweight their legs are not able to manage the weight, as a result they become slower and start limping.


A Dog’s purpose

  • To provide your dog mental stimulation and mental health, give them some sort of routine task.
  • This will help them stay active and make them feel that they are doing something more than themselves and are still needed.
  • This helps them stay active, busy and motivated.
  • Best examples are service dogs and therapy dog.

Teach Them about Signals

  • Like humans some dogs may also face problem in hearing, with growing age. Hence re-train them to follow signs and signals like to sit, stand, lay, wait, go potty etc.

Stick to daily routine

  • Sticking to daily routine for your dog will help reduce anxiety in your dog. Like daily morning walks, proper time of eating, waking up the owner.

Gum Cleaning

  • Take you dog for regular teeth and gum cleaning.
  • If the problematic teeth are left untreated, it may get worse causing irreversible periodontal diseases.
  • In dogs dental problems are related to heart problems.

Sleeping Area

  • Let you dog sleep on bed or couch.
  • You can get a special bed for your dog, as cold and hard floors can be uncomfortable for old age dogs. They may also have joint pain.


Other Steps

  • Providing nutritional supplements.
  • Give them lot of affection and cuddling like ear massage and neck massage.
  • Because the old age dogs may have hearing and eyesight problem, kindly keep a predictable floor plans and arrangement of furniture.
  • Install stairs and ramps as in old age dogs may have joint pain or arthritis.
  • Prevent slips and falls, as their bones are weak.

For every dog, their human is the most important in life. Their entire life revolves around their human and showering unconditional love on their human. Hence it is the moral responsibility of the human to ease and support their dog in the later years of his life.

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