Know your Introvert Dog

Just like humans, dogs also tend to have different personalities. They can also be joyful, calm, ferocious, energetic, introvert or extrovert.

Being introvert can be the most basic nature for any dog.  May be they are born with it. You cannot train your dog to be extrovert, but definitely with some socializing techniques you can break the shell which they have created around themselves. This will also help you build a stronger bond with your shy dog.

Shy Dog

But before starting we need to understand if your dog is an introvert or extrovert dog. Given below are few signs to understand if your dog is introvert.

  • The dog is generally not so keen or interested to meet new people or dogs.
  • The dog likes his friends, but after few hours, he needs his “me time” or some time alone.
  • If the dog doesn’t get its quality time alone, it may get irritated.
  • When you have your friends at home, the dog will either hide in the bed or under the couch or the table, where no one disturbs it.
  • At a party or social gathering at home, you can see the dog hiding in the bathroom.
  • The dog loves to play with you, but sometimes it is even more content playing by himself.
  • Loves the cuddle time with its best friend.
  • The dog may be quite, but definitely is a very good listener.
  • In a dog park it will stick by your side, or just focus on playing with you and the ball.
  • While taking the dog out for a walk through the neighborhood full of pups, the dog will still behave neutral and aloof.

stressed dog

Body Language of an INTROVERT DOG

  • Listening
  • Cowering
  • Chewing
  • Ears drop
  • Pacing

Training an Introvert Dog

  • Don’t force your dog into a highly socialized situation or place, this can cause stress and anxiety for the dog.
  • Introduce the dog to new people or other dogs only at the places or moments where they can socialize peacefully.
  • Introvert dogs are very sensitive to punishment and can take much harder as compared to extrovert dogs.
  • While training an introvert dog you need to be very patient, understanding and gentle.



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