Choosing your Dog….

Owning a Dog is a beautiful but not a small endeavor, because its not just about your choice and comfort but also the comfort and choice of the Dog and also the comfort of your family. It takes a lot of hard work, especially if you are not having any prior experience of this. It is like having your child with little less sacrifice.

Your decision and choice of having a dog is going to stay with you for 10+ years. So before owning a Dog below given is the list of question you should ask yourself.

  • Are you actually ready to welcome this beautiful creature as a part of your family?
  • Are you actually ready to take up the responsibility of a new dependent?
  • Will your lifestyle accommodate having a dog?
  • Do you have time for your dog as they look forward to you and your family for love, affection, attention, exercise and care?

Preparation to be done before welcoming a dog in your zone.

  • Think what all you’ll need when a dog comes home. This will help you prepare the initial budget.
  • Get collar, dog tag, food, food and water bowl, crate, dog shampoo, dog brush, toys and bones for dogs.
  • Regular vet check-up and vaccination.
  • Puppy training and obedience classes. (optional)
  • Dog care or dog sitter. (optional)
  • Like kids, puppies outgrow really fast and at this phase they eat a lot.
  • Back up budget, incase all of sudden your dog falls ill.
  • If you are travelling you need to board him along with you.
  • List of dog parks you’ll have to take him so that your dog doesn’t grows timid or aggressive.

So by this time you would have taken the decision if you are interested to adopt a dog or not.

Now come the point where you need to understand that which dog breed you want for yourself and your family.  Before choosing a dog you need to have knowledge about the breed and dog and have your expectations and preferences set beforehand.


Start by listing the most important thing.

  • Why do you want a dog? Is it just because you are staying alone, or you want an exercise partner, or you need a therapy dog, or you want a family dog.
  • How old should be your dog? Are going to adopt a puppy or you are looking for an adult dog.
  • What should be the size of the dog? Do you want small dogs like dachshunds or you are found of big dogs like German shepherds.
  • What kind of home you are staying in? Do you want apartment dogs or dogs which need a backward to play, run around and exercise.
  • Do you have time, energy and desire to take long walks every day.
  • Do you want easily trainable dog like German shepherd or you can handle any dog.
  • You also need to understand the responsibility coming with a breed. Like Afghan Hound and Yorkshire Terrier have expensive grooming. Great Danes eat a lot. German Shepherds and Pitbulls are service dogs hence need lot of exercise. And many more.


Source from where you want to by a dog.


  • Less chances of getting a dog who has suffered abuse or troubled past. Hence temperament of the dog is manageable.
  • You can get reviews about the breeder in the market and hence choose a breeder of your choice.
  • You can get an idea about the medical history of the dog.
  • This is more expensive than shelter, but has its own benefits.
  • They have knowledge only about limited breeds.
  • The pup will come only with early shot of vaccination.


  • The dogs are kind of wildcard.
  • You can get to choose among a large variety of dogs.
  • Staff working in shelter is more knowledgeable as they take care and handle different breeds.
  • The vaccination is up to date. So no need to worry about previously pending vaccination.
  • You can also get the details about the temperament and personality traits of the dog towards other beings and dogs in the shelter.
  • You can save a dog’s life and give a home and a family, as some are euthanized in worst situations.


  • This gives you an experience or glimpse of adopting a dog.
  • This gives dog a temporary home before he gets to go to his final family home.
  • Most of the high temperament dogs can be rehabilitated in fosters.
  • This gives you a chance to get to about the dog and its breed more.

















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