On first Date with a Dog

Like humans, dog also show different personality traits. When they get to meet a new human, they may feel shy, nervous, scared and stressed.

Yes I do understand that it is tempting to rush to these cute creatures, but we need to give them time to adjust to new scents, mannerism and sounds. Picking them and putting hands all over their fur is a really bad idea.

dog meets human

Meeting a dog is as sensitive as going on a date, where you need to go real slow and give time to other being to understand you and build trust on you.  Don’t go and rush into the dog, let the dog come to you. If the dog is friendly, be friendly, good for you. But is it is afraid, ignore and don’t escalate its fear.

Some of the common signs that the dog is nervous or scared are

  • Ears back
  • Head down
  • Tail Lowered
  • Licking Lips
  • Gaze Aversion

So given below are some of the pointers which you need to follow when you are meeting a dog for the first time.

  1. Beforehand do study about the dog breed to which you are going to meet.
  2. Be calm with the pet’s human.
  3. Let the dog greet you first.
  4. Give time to dog to adjust to your scent.
  5. Let the sniff you (your dangling hand or legs etc.), but never extend a hand to dog. If the dog is fine sniffing your hand, you can try touching his nose gently.
  6. Stay alert for any signals.
  7. Always meet the dog with your either side exposed to him as it is less threatening.
  8. Never do baby talking with the dog, as for dogs it signifies weak energy or anxiety.
  9. Let dog make a choice of meeting or not.
  10. If the dog is shy and nervous but still comes to you, remain calm, avoid talking or making eye contact with the dog.

Always remember respect the other creature and it will respect you back.



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